March 26, 2021

Workshop: Healthcare as a leverage for implementing sustainable infrastructure in developing countries

Date: 4th May 2021
Time: 1300 – 1630 CEST
Venue: Online (Zoom)


Providing healthcare is dependent on clean water, electricity, heating/cooling, wastewater handling, communication etc.  The infrastructure and services are also sorely needed by surrounding communities. Lacking access to clean water, electricity etc. are among barriers keeping people in poverty back as well for small businesses to grow. Effectively making services available  to the local community can both create substantial circularity and sustainability advantages  and opportunities for people, such as a hub for businesses to develop. 

If healthcare is to become a driver for community development and environment and climate change mitigation, there is a need to apply a system solution approach in health care infrastructure. Broad collaboration between stakeholders from the private sector, international organisations, civil society, and community and partnerships are as central.   

The workshop provides an arena for dialogue on how healthcare can become a frontrunner for implementing sustainable infrastructure in developing regions (low- and middle-income countries) around the world. The aim is to get the discussion started on how an integrated approach to health care investment can be implemented and to connect key stakeholders for future collaboration.

We will discuss implementation, procurement, financing and technology solutions for a system solution approach.

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