September 8, 2021

WIN WIN Pitch & Match

Buildings of the future – water and energy solutions you should know about

Date:       16 September

Time:       9:00 – 11:30 (CEST)

Register by 12 September

Buildings play a major role in our lives and in society. We spend most of our time in them and we value them highly, as seen by yet new records in real estate prices. However we want our new buildings to be sustainable and become a place for circular living. We need to think centuries ahead. That is why we would like to present the latest sustainable technologies within the field of water and energy in buildings.

Questions to be discussed:

How can our future buildings become more energy efficient? 

How can we make solar energy an integrated part of ALL new buildings?

How can we save and reuse water in our buildings?

How can we reuse heat in waste water?  

How can we manage and use storm water in our buildings and around them?

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  • Therese Jephson, REWAISEVA SYD/SWR
  • Martin Eldsmark, Kraftringen
  • Martin Johem, Ecoclime
  • Carl-Henrik Tibblin, Sunroof 
  • Representative from Swedish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Anna Rundgren / Xavier Leo, Brinja
  • Nils Rydén, PEAB
  • Bo Mattsson, Impulser
  • Finnur Sverrisson, Orbital Systems
  • Peter Kisch, FIRS & Future by Lund


  • Take the chance to meet with the presenting innovation companies and WIN in separate digital meeting rooms during the WIN Matchmaking session.

Register by 12 September