September 24, 2021

Webinar: Swedish-Indian collaboration on Energy- and Climate Smart Healthcare

An International Webinar: Transforming Indian Health facilities to be “Climate-smart/Energy Efficient”

Date: 19th October 2021
Time: 11.00 – 13.00 (CET) or 14:30 – 16:30 (IST).
Mode: Zoom webinar

Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare and MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child have collaborated with sWASH&grow partner, TEM – Lund University, to catalyse the sustainable development agenda focusing on Climate Action, Clean Energy, and Environment and Health.

Sweden is a global leader in building low-carbon economy, and Swedish hospitals use the most innovative energy-efficient healthcare solutions. On that account, this international webinar aims to accelerate the knowledge-led dialogues between the thematic experts and administrative leaders. It is a platform to exchange experiences around the latest and most compatible energy-efficient solutions in healthcare set-ups. The myriad of information-sharing and knowledge-building sessions will benefit the Public/Private health institutions for a more strategic response for transformation and energy-efficient solutions.

The agenda outline and speaker introductions for the webinar will be shared at a later date. 

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