May 31, 2021

Business model for “Inclusive System Deliveries”

How is it possible to deliver innovative and sustainable system solutions where the end-user market players are included beneficiaries in the supply chain and the business? How do you share the business benefits with the local market?

sWASH&grow‘s project partner, S-Man Solutions AB which is part of the working group, Urban Tech Sweden is developing methods and models for scaling up, match-making and export. They have developed a Business Model for “Inclusive System Deliveries” that has been tested and will be tested further within the project. Watch the presentation of the draft business model below.

Presentation of the “Inclusive System Deliveries” Business Model developed by S-Man Solutions AB.

This work is in line with sWASH&grow’s objective to develop tools that improve the opportunities for innovators and aid organizations to bring more circular, inclusive and sustainable innovations to those in need.

The Urban Tech Sweden working group, which is part of the ElectriCITY network plans to organize workshops and match-making events every half year within the project where project results will be shared with stakeholders. They will also develop an online match-making module and do a feasibility study on how to increase the deliveries of off-grid WASH innovations to different markets. The above slideshow is a draft result so far. 

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