September 16, 2021

Matchmaking with Urban Tech Sweden

Date: Wednesday, 6 October at 14.00 – 16.00 CET

Do you work with international business in clean tech and sustainable cities? We invite your company to participate in concrete, funded projects, both nationally and internationally, via the export association, Urban Tech Sweden (UTS) which was initiated by Teknikföretagen in 2019.

UTS’s mission is to reduce the gap between investors, projects and technology and accelerate the transition to climate neutral cities and act as a project accelerator for the Swedish industry. UTS has one of the world’s largest portfolios of companies with urban solutions, a network of investors and organizations that can contribute to climate neutral cities. Read more below.

Matchmaking event

On October 6, a digital Matchmaking event will be held where innovations are sought for the following projects:

Eco-tourism at Manta resort on Pemba, an island north of Zanzibar, Tanzania, in East Africa. Sustainable solutions are sought for off-grid energy, storage, water purification and transport. UTS sees the project as a pilot for a Swedish-owned eco-tourist resort. But it is equally important in a second step to provide about 300,000 inhabitants with clean water, energy and functional waste management.

Deep Energy Retrofit in New York and Beyond. Hines, one of the world’s largest property developers, has together with Norges Bank Investment Management and Trinity Church Wall Street delivered a climate-smart property in the middle of New York at 555 Greenwich. The development of the property exceeds NYC’s climate goals for commercial buildings by 2030 by more than 45 percent and is in line with NYC’s carbon neutral goals for 2050. Hines is seeking partnerships with both product and service companies to scale up the restructuring of it´s portfolio and solutions for the real estate sector and network-related solutions. 

For more information on these projects, see the PDFs in the links above. If your company is interested in participating with possible innovative solutions at the Matchmaking event on October 6, please contact Josefin Danielsson

You can also participate in the event without presenting a technology.


14.00             Welcome to Urban Tech Sweden (UTS) – Matchmaking – Jörgen Lööf, ElectriCITY

14.10             UTS – Accelerate the transformation into climate smart cities – Ann-Sofi Gaverstedt, UTS

14.17             sWASH&grow – Scaling off-grid WASH solutions – Sten Stenbeck, RISE

14.24             UTS assignments for sWASH&grow – Business-model and financing

Jan Furuvald, Kapitalguiden

14.31             Eco-tourism at Manta – A pilot project for a Swedish-owned resort

Victoria Vazhinskaya, Novoheat

Matchmaking – Innovations for Eco-tourism at Manta

14.38             Drupps – Water production from the atmosphere

14.45             Stella Futura – Affordable Green Energy

14.52             Naturpooler – Pools with biological treatment

14.59             Swatab – Cleaning and washing without detergent

15.06             Wostman – Low-flushing toilets that saves up to 95% water

15.15             Deep Energy Retrofit in New York – Looking for Grid and Building related solutions

Michael Izzo, Head of Carbon Strategy, Hines

Matchmaking – Innovations for Deep Energy Retrofit in New York

15.22             Soltech – Integrated aesthetic solar cell-solutions for roofs and façades 

15.29             Ecoclime – Circular thermal energy systems and smart property automation

15.36             SaltX – Clean and sustainable energy storage in nanocoated salts

15.43             3eflow – A new way of using water

15.50             SweGreen – Integrating urban farming with buildings energy and ventilation systems

16.00             A new tool for a Business-model and financing – Niklas Schmidt, RISE

16.07             Lessons from the day – Ann-Sofi Gaverstedt, UTS

16.15             Thanks for attending!