March 15, 2022

Matchmaking activity for innovation, partnership and finance

On 6th October 2021, Urban Tech Sweden (UTS) with its member ElectriCITY Innovation, held a Matchmaking-event where innovations were presented for two projects: Eco-tourism at Manta, Zanzibar and Deep Energy Retrofit in New York.

The event focused on how to produce off-grid water and energy in the sWASH & grow project. Companies presented innovations on: how to store energy, how to clean and wash without detergent, skip chlorine in pools and how to integrate urban farming with buildings energy and ventilation systems. 

The matchmaking event included the following innovations:

Innovations for Eco-tourism at Manta

  • Drupps – Water production from the atmosphere 
  • Stella Futura – Affordable Green Energy 
  • Naturpooler – Pools with biological treatment 
  • Swatab – Cleaning and washing without detergent 
  • Wostman – Low-flushing toilets that saves up to 95% water 
  • Deep Energy Retrofit in New York – Looking for Grid and Building related solutions

Innovations for Deep Energy Retrofit in New York 

  • Soltech – Integrated aesthetic solar cell-solutions for roofs and façades 
  • Ecoclime – Circular thermal energy systems and smart property automation
  • SaltX – Clean and sustainable energy storage in nano coated salts
  • 3eflow – A new way of using water
  • SweGreen – Integrating urban farming with buildings energy and ventilation systems
  • A new tool for a Business-model and financing

Read more about the innovations and event outcomes in the report below.

Image: The Manta Resort
Image: The Manta Resort / Urban Tech Sweden

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