The South Africa test site

The objective of the case study in South Africa is to get a better understanding of the needs and expectations of an off-grid WASH innovation such as the TreeWell wastewater treatment solution developed by Carex of Sweden.

Set up in South Africa

AsaDuru, Carex of Sweden’s local agent in South Africa, will install a pilot plant in the Krugersdorp area in cooperation with the Real Estate developer, Fifty Eight in the Cradle (who are developing an eco-village concept). The Water Commission of South Africa (WRC) will do an evaluation of the pilot plant in cooperation with developers and the RISE team.

The TreeWell pilot plant is considered a testbed for Swedish export of innovative circular WASH solutions. The South African company WESops (pty) Ltd, will act as an extra expert resource to the project as they have experience in both the Swedish and South African WASH sectors.

The project mainly focuses on understanding the key criteria important for the buyer, operator, and owner of the plant. This can typically be understood through closely following the validation and evaluation process of the pilot plant. In this work, the project will include relevant key stakeholders such as beneficiaries in the area, the South African team and Swedish government representatives.

sWASH&grow aims to understand what criteria the Water Research Commission, AsaDuru and Fifty Eight in the Cradle are using in the evaluation process as well as what the the owner, plant operator and stakeholders consider of highest priority. These experiences will be incorporated into the project’s software tool currently under development.

Water Research Commission of South Africa (WRC)

WRC project objective and activities

WRC contributes with field experience in validating and evaluating TreeWell’s performance, through a technical assessment in cooperation with AsaDuru, Fifty Eight in the Cradle, WESops and Carex of Sweden.

AsaDuru SA Pty Ltd (AsaDuru)

AsaDuru project objective and activities

Asaduru’s mission is to provide sustainable building systems to the African market promoting sustainable development. AsaDuru’s role in the project is to contribute with field experience in building and validating TreeWell’s performance in Krugersdorp, in cooperation with WRC, Fifty Eight in the Cradle, WESops, RISE and Carex of Sweden.

Fifty Eight in the Cradle (pty) Ltd

Fifty Eight’s project objective

Fifty Eight in the Cradle contributes with field experience in validating TreeWell’s performance, in collaboration with WRC, AsaDuru, WESops, RISE and Carex of Sweden.

Products involved:

TreeWell »
Image: Niklas Schmidt

The key project partners involved are:

| Supplier of the innovation
| Local facilitator for the installation
Fifty Eight in the Cradle
| Availing the testbed
| Validation and evaluation
| Swedish validation support
| WASH expertise and experience
| Software for inclusive evaluation
| Business-Development facilitator