The Lebanon test site

The objectives of the case study in Lebanon are:

  • To understand the needs and expectations of a WASH innovation such as the TreeWell wastewater treatment solution.
  • To gain experience in developing a monitoring system for operation of decentralized WASH plants.

Set up and plan in Lebanon

Carex of Sweden and their local agent in Lebanon, Mrüna, have installed a pilot plant of the off-grid wastewater treatment solution, TreeWell, in cooperation with Solidarités International (SI), supported by the UNICEF WASH programme. The purpose is to serve local landowners and mainly refugees in the informal settlements.

Solidarités International will evaluate the pilot plant in cooperation with Mrüna, LARI and Carex of Sweden, supported by RISE and SEI. The pilot plant is considered to be a testbed for innovative circular WASH solutions in times of humanitarian crises.

A monitoring system for operations of decentralized WASH plants will also be developed using Internet of Things (IoT) technology for the different TreeWell plants in Lebanon. This will be led by Mrüna with support from RISE. 

sWASH&grow aims to understand what criteria Mrüna, Solidarités International, LARI and UNICEF are using in the evaluation process and the owner, plant operator and other stakeholders’ highest priorities. This is understood by closely following the validation and evaluation process of the pilot plant and the development of the monitoring system for decentralized operations. The project will collaborate with key relevant stakeholders in Lebanon. Experiences from the Lebanon case study will be integrated into the project’s software tool for validation and evaluation of WASH installations.

Solidarités International (SI)

Project objective and activities

Solidarités International contributes with field experience in validating the performance of the off-grid WASH innovation TreeWell, in collaboration with Mrüna, LARI and Carex of Sweden.


Project objective and activities 

Mrüna is contributing with their field experience in validating TreeWell’s performance, in collaboration with Solidarités International, UNICEF, LARI and Carex of Sweden. Mrüna is working with RISE to develop a monitoring system for operation of decentralized WASH plants. 

Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI)

Project objective and activities

LARI is contributing with field experience in validating TreeWell’s performance, in collaboration with Mrüna, Solidarités International, UNICEF and Carex of Sweden. 

The experience from the pilot plant installed at LARI premises will be valuable towards comparing and evaluating long term operation experiences. The project is interested in getting a better understanding of the recycling potential of water and other resources. 

Products involved:

TreeWell »
IoT platform »

The key project partners involved are:

| Supplier of the innovation
| Local facilitator for the installation
Solidarités International (SI)
| Availing the testbed
| Reference case of plant
| Swedish validation support
| WASH expertise and experience
| Software for inclusive evaluation
| Developer of monitoring system
| Swedish support for IoT tech