The Bolivian case study

The objective of the case study in Bolivia is to better understand the needs and expectations of WASH innovations such as the SaniC plant from Advanced Aerobic Technology of Sweden AB (A2T).

Set up in Bolivia

A2T has developed and installed the SaniC pilot plant in cooperation with Aguatuya for Cliza municipality and stakeholders such as farmers in the area. In the sWASH & grow project, the pilot plant is considered to be a testbed for innovative circular WASH solutions.

The sWASH & grow project focuses on understanding key criteria that is important for the buyer, operator and owner of the plant, through closely following the validation and evaluation process of the pilot plant.

The project is collaborating with key relevant stakeholders in Bolivia. Experiences from the Bolivia case study will be integrated into the software tool for validation and evaluation of WASH installations being developed in the project, together with similar experiences from other parts of the world. 

Aguatuya’s objective

Aguatuya’s role in the project is to contribute with field experience from validating the performance of an off-grid WASH innovation. That is, to test, validate and evaluate the A2T pilot plant in cooperation with Cliza municipality, A2T and RISE. The project is interested in understanding what criteria Aguatuya is using in the evaluation process.

Cliza project objective & activities

Cliza’s role in the project is to avail the testbed of the pilot plant and share the field experience from validating and evaluating the performance of the A2T pilot plant in cooperation with Aguatuya and local stakeholders.

Cliza’s activities include evaluation of the SaniC plant from A2T in cooperation with Aguatuya, A2T and RISE. The project is interested in understanding the criteria used in the evaluation process as well as what is considered highest priority for the owner and operator of the plant and other stakeholders.

Products involved:

SaniC »

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The key project partners involved are:

| Supplier of the innovation
| Local facilitator for the installation
Cliza municipality
| Owner of the test bed

Reference group stakeholders:

UNICEF WASH programme in Bolivia