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Report: Match-making activities for innovation, partnership, finance and extended export to humanitarian crises

sWASH&grow’s goal is to improve the conditions for innovators to be able to meet relief organizations’ demands. An important part of reaching this goal is to create opportunities to connect and network. Facilitating that is the major role of WIN Water in the project. The two major networking activities organized by WIN Water were successful and attracted around 90 participants from several countries.

In the first event, “Digitalization and business in challenged regions”, participants discussed Needs, Business Case, Implementation and Opportunities in relation to WASH.

In the WIN Water event “Business in challenged regions: clean water and safe sanitation for all”, participants were divided into small groups to facilitate closer interactions. Participants explored decentralized systems and business models, and how they can be applied in areas where they are needed most.

Read a summary of the events below.

In addition to the two major project-focused events, WIN has also organized a series of events where the focus of the project has been touched upon indirectly involving the project partners and have thus provided important networking opportunities. Read a summary of these events in the report below.