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East Africa–Sweden Business portal for circular infrastructure, energy system, financing and growth

The East African–Swedish portal is designed to match and deliver the best-in-class technology, knowledge and financial resources for circular infrastructures and energy systems to stakeholders and projects in the East African region. 

Through our established network, processes and artificial intelligence (AI) based search tool, we are creating a strengthened structure for significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promotion of circular economy principles, trade and inclusive growth. 

With the portal as a driver, we support the growth of the East African economy with easier access to global technology, knowledge and partners for sustainable infrastructure, energy systems and investments. 

East Africa with the countries Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda offers a market close to 250 million consumers for Swedish goods and services. As the economies are growing, the need for sustainable infrastructure, energy systems and financial tools are growing at speed. Swedish knowledge, technology and financing could meet these demands. 

The Portal has a special focus to be the platform that individual small-scale companies do not have the opportunity to establish themselves, e.g. to increase the access to deal flows, financing and local partnership, mitigate the financial risk that exists at the beginning of business process, project, build and hand-over. 

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