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TreeWell nature-based solution for wastewater

Carex of Sweden has through the sWASH&grow project developed products for sanitation based on the testbeds in Lebanon, South Africa and Sweden. It is specifically the off-grid features of the products that have been in focus. The products can now be scaled for more emerging markets needing an off-grid sanitation system. 

Carex of Sweden has developed a Nature based Solution for waste water called “TreeWell” which has been tested and validated in Sweden, Lebanon and South Africa as part of sWASH&grow. 

The purpose and objective of Carex involvement in the project is to develop the TreeWell further based on the testbeds in Sweden, Lebanon and South Africa. 

Carex of Sweden also had the product “Green Water Station” as part of its products, which was tested in Rwanda and Uganda. 

Learn more in the report below, written in both English and Swedish.