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The export and scaling concept – “Ecobarge” 

The sWASH&grow project has formed a successful platform for developing competences and knowledge sharing between public and private entities. It has also enhanced the opportunities for ECOBARGE, a private concept initiated prior to- and independently in the project, bridging the gaps between innovations, end users and investors internationally. 

ECOBARGE is an inclusive concept that any stakeholder may form a part of, be a partner in and contribute to. It is a sustainable platform for making a difference covering the gap between supply of bits and pieces and local needs of services provided. End users’ dreams and opportunities, technologies and project financing are identified through local feasibilities. Project financed companies are then formed for mutual ownership, operation, maintenance, and education. The concept also allows for final transfer of means of production between shareholders and from project financiers to local communities and entrepreneurs. Based on the Ecobarge provided services, local entrepreneurs are empowered to develop their own businesses. Ecobarge acts as a shipyard turning suppliers’ solutions into supplied services – continually developing functions and capacity as per end users’ needs and new technologies available. If it’s no longer needed, the Ecobarge can be moved to other end users. 

No matter the scale, function or application, if as a temporary or permanent solution, within a modern urbanized area, in a developing country or a disaster zone, the Ecobarge concept represents an attractive, inclusive and sustainable alternative. 

The local end user is the expert on what is needed. Through the ECOBARGE Concept, local communities can present their needs as visualized valid business cases to investors. Any function meeting end user requirements as defined through mutual feasibilities can be incorporated into an Ecobarge. 

Learn more about the Ecobarge concept in the report below.

Ecobarge – Producing and storing sustainable water and energy

Date: Thursday, 19 May at 1400 – 1500

Venue: Convendum, Biblioteksgatan 29, Stockholm; and online.

Urban Tech Sweden presents ECOBARGE –  a floating platform – modular, scalable and mobile with integrated sustainable technologies. For cities, islands or during crisis.

ECOBARGE invites: 

  • Tech people with innovations who seek orders and testbeds for scaling 
  • Investors who want to explore sustainable, safe investments
  • Communities with a need of solutions for local development and financing

The event is free of charge. You will network with stakeholders from existing projects.