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Evaluation of the SaniC in Bolivia

SaniC – Bolivia

According to FAO (1998), the Valle Alto region in Cochabamba has a series of problems that limit agricultural production, most notably water deficit and low land productivity. The report notes that the low productivity of the land is due to the low natural fertility of the soils and their salinity and sodicity.

Cliza’s faecal sludge pilot plant seeks to sanitize sludge from septic tanks and sludge from wastewater treatment, taking advantage of resources and promoting a circular economy. As a result of the process, a liquid product is obtained that can serve as a complementary fertilizer and soil improver.

This study seeks to generate technical and economic information to promote the use of a liquid ecofertilizer (ECF). For this purpose, two trials (on potato and corn) were established in two pilot sites for the evaluation of the product in the Valle Alto. Soil sampling was carried out before planting and during harvest. The definition of the treatments or volumes of ECF to be applied in the trials was determined based on a review of the literature on the use of wastewater and sludge in agriculture.

The objective of this report is to contribute to the validation of the SaniC pilot plant from Advanced Aerobic of Sweden AB (A2T) placed in the Municipality of Cliza in Bolivia. 

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