- Nature-based sewage management

Quick facts

Company: Carex of Sweden

Test sites: Lebanon, Rwanda, South Africa

TreeWell, developed by Carex of Sweden, is a biological solution purifying wastewater from households. TreeWell is the result of international research as well as experience from various projects around the world. Today, there are around 30 commercial TreeWell installations in Sweden and abroad.

Carex of Sweden develops and sells wastewater treatment solutions and water purification technologies. 

Their mission is to spread their knowledge of water purification throughout the world and improve access to safe drinking water by developing sustainable, water purification technologies. 

The TreeWell system. Image: Carex of Sweden

The wastewater passes two cylindric TreeWell tanks. The second tank is provided with selected plants whose roots absorb unwanted substances before the water is released. Through natural decomposition processes, the wastewater is purified from organic contaminations.  

In the sWASH & grow project, Carex of Sweden performs product development and test beds in Sweden, Lebanon and South Africa. In Lebanon, product development and test beds are carried  out in cooperation with Solidarites International, UNICEF and LARI – Lebanon Agricultural Institute, as well as the local agent, Mrüna. In South Africa, the tests are carried out in collaboration with the Water Research Commission of South Africa (WRC). In Rwanda, testing will begin in autumn 2021.