- Sludge hygiene

Quick facts

Company: A2T

Test site: Bolivia

Where existing wastewater treatment is lacking, there are risks of spreading of pathogens, as sludge is used as fertilizer on arable land. A2T have, in collaboration with The Swedish Red Cross, developed a mobile, flexible, scalable and reliable sanitation solutions for crisis- and disaster areas. 

A2T Performs product development and test beds at Sörby farm, Hölö in Sweden, and Bolivia. In Bolivia, validation is carried out in collaboration with AguaTuya and the Cliza municipality.

Properties of the SaniC™:

  • Is a complete scalable sanitation treatment system that eliminates harmfull microorganisms. 
  • Can be constructed for latrin, black water and sludge or a mix of all three.
  • Has a mobile and modular sanitation system.
  • Has a unique and hygienic solution for future sanitation needs.
  • Prevents the spread of infections.
  • Has a water and energy saving technique.
  • Returns valuable nutrients to arable land.
  • Is scalable and adaptable to local conditions.

Involved in these Case Studies:

The Bolivian case study »

Test site in Bolivia.