Pure Bio Synergy

- Disinfection and water purification

Quick facts

Company: Carex of Sweden

Test site: Sweden

Pure Bio Synergy (PBS) performs product development and test beds in Sweden with a plan to upscale in 2021. The technology enables a very effective disinfection and water purification with ozone that works off-grid and in all climates.

They feed their plasma generator – the (H)unit – with ambient air of any humidity. Dry air (oxygen) creates ozone, but the real strength appears with humid air. The aims of the Pure Bio Synergy technology are:

  1. To directly expose equipment, utensils, containers etc to a gas mix.
  2. To inject and mix the gas into water. 

Together, Ozone and the ”H” combinations are very potent in killing bacteria, viruses, microorganisms as well as to decompose medical residues and other chemical and biological contaminants. 

Image modified from Carex of Sweden AB Copyright. Authorized by Carex of Sweden.

The above image illustrates the technology’s ability to:

1) Pretreat the incoming sewage water, i.e. break down pollution (long molecular chains) before it enters the Carex TreeWell system, to improve the overall performance of the system and to allocate more oxygen to crucial functions.

2) Post-treat the outgoing water from the system, to enhance the quality further, for example by eliminating microbial contamination and neutralizing colour, smell and taste.

Advantages of the H Unit (the PBS product name) include:

  • Humid air – the “H” effect
  • <200W, 24 VDC
  • 38×15 cm
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long lifespan, > 10 years
  • Robust and off-grid adapted
  • Patented

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