Below is the list of outputs in the project.

Success factors for off-grid solutions  
Report about existing operational guidelines and procurement protocols for implementation of water and sanitation solutions in humanitarian crisesMar 2021
 Report reviewing and categorizing challenges and corresponding needs from solution-providers.   Mar 2022
Report informing on success factors for off-grid solutions for water and sanitation in humanitarian crises Dec 2021
Publication on success factors for off-grid solutionsAug 2022
Development of tool for testing and commercialization of innovations 
Models, methods and protocols for testing, validation, and evaluation for commercialization of humanitarian and off grid innovationsMar 2022
An innovative AI based validation software for products and services Mar 2022
Product development in demo-sites 
Validated TreeWell nature-based solution for wastewaterMar 2022
Validated Green water station for purified waterMar 2022
Validated Pure Bio Synergy disinfection of water and handsMar 2022
 Validated SaniC hygienisation of feacal sludge Mar 2022
 Validated Millennium Desalination Device Mar 2022
 IoT platform for management and operations of decentralised systems Mar 2022
Scaling up, business development and export 
Compile existing services and support from actors within the Swedish innovation eco system for scaling up business – from prototype to commercialization  Jan 2022
Analysis of gaps and needs in the Swedish incubator- and acceleration support system in order to support scaling up companies regarding procurement, validation, financing and risks, Market fit/Technical market fit etc. Mar 2022
New model for WASH including systems export – a feasibility reportMar 2022
 University course module of innovation design for humanitarian needs and international development cooperation  Mar 2022
 Three academic articles with a focus on the role of validation, scaling of business models and internationalizing within virtual innovation networks Jun 2022
 Report on the development of the tool for innovation design and the process for validation Jun 2022
 Report from commercializing and scaling of sustainable innovations May 2022