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Green City webinar: Sustainable solutions in Tanzania

Image: The Manta Resort

Date: 30 November 2021

Time: 09:00 – 11:00 CET

Venue: Zoom

SWEACC Green City cluster will host a virtual Green City cluster webinar with a panel discussion under the theme “Sustainable solutions in Tanzania”. There is a tremendous business opportunity for sustainable solutions in the whole of Tanzania, but we will take an extra look at the island of Zanzibar. From Impact but also sustainable business perspective we want to highlight the sustainable wash and purification initiative in Tanzania as we want to create innovative solutions in partnership between SWEACC and companies in both Sweden and Tanzania. We will follow up the event with another digital workshop focusing on innovative and green transformation approaches. Our Green City cluster will focus on waste management and renewable energy solutions and how this can interact with Eco Tourism in Zanzibar. Our cluster webinar will moreover give opportunities for Business to Business (B2B), Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Business (G2B) meetings.


Part 1 – Sustainable investing in East Africa

  • Jan Furuvald, Chairman SWEACC and CEO Kapitalguiden
  • Pontus Engström, CEO, MTI Investment SE
  • Jessica Paulsson, MTI investment manager intern

Part 2 – Sustainable cities and the star homes project in Tanzania

  • Eric Chonjo, co-founder and CEO of Ecohomes Company Limited

Part 3 – Title: Ecobarge. Scale | Off-grid | Innovate.

  • Off-grid test- and demo-beds for innovative solutions – Sten Stenbeck, sWASH&grow.
  • Victoria Vazhinskaya, Shareholder of Ecobarge including a pilot project in Pemba.
  • Business model, financing: Mårten Björk, Founder of Ecobarge Sweden AB.

The moderator for the day is Mr Tom Walsh, SWEACC Green City Cluster and CEO Renetech.


Send your inquiry to attend to SWEACC ( as soon as possible to confirm your seat. All attendees must pre-register at SWEACC and a Zoom link will be sent to them.

For more information, visit the SWEACC website.

Perceived unknowns about gridless water, sanitation and energy services

This report provides insights about the barriers that hold back the wider use and uptake of gridless technological innovations with the potential to expand access to energy, water and sanitation worldwide.

Though rapid technological change has led to many innovations of gridless technologies, the uptake of these innovations has not kept pace. To better understand what is holding things back, SEI gathered stakeholders in these sectors from around the world to examine the situation.

This report presents the findings from those sessions. It shows that there is a widespread lack of understanding of the technologies’ potential benefits, challenges and potential trade-offs.

Stakeholder say that gridless technologies have also been hampered by regulatory gaps and a lack of information on their compatibility with existing systems.

The authors argue that, to expand the uptake of gridless solutions, more attention must be paid to the needs and preferences of potential users, the technological appropriateness of certain options in specific contexts, and issues of social equity and distributional justice.

Better insights are needed about the scalability of certain options and the key factors that underpin successful technological transfer. Better financial know-how is also needed to help secure investments in innovation and start-ups, and to create commercially viable business models.

Guest lectures – Global Product Development

Row of winturbines in the sea shot in the sunset

In October and November 2021, guest lectures will be held as part of the ongoing course on innovation design for humanitarian needs and international development cooperation, offered by Malmö University in collaboration with Parlametric AB. The lectures focus on engineering roles in development assistance and how innovative organizations are working to achieve the global goals.

The lectures are open to all. Read more and join below.

A civil society perspective on development partnerships in East Africa

Special guest: Klas Hansson, Board Member – Svalorna Afrika

1 October, 2021

08:15 – 10:00 CEST

The path to market for a sustainable WASH innovation

Special guest: John Nyberg, CEO – Pure Bio Synergy

7 October, 2021

15:15 – 17:00 CEST

A career in international development

Special guest: Lorena Acevedo, Programme Specialist – SIDA

This meeting will focus on opportunities for engineers in the first hour, and opportunities for students and young professionals in the second hour.

14 October, 2021

15:15 – 17:00 CEST

The path to market for a sustainable WASH innovation

Special guest: Rolf-Johan Ingeson, CEO – Millennium Technology of Sweden AB

27 October 2021

08:15 – 10:00 CEST

Report: Healthcare as a leverage for implementing sustainable infrastructure in developing countries

Foto av Pietro Jeng från Pexels

On 4 May 2021, TEM – Lund University held a workshop to provide a platform for discussions on how healthcare can be a frontrunner for implementing sustainable infrastructure in low- and middle-income countries. The aim of the workshop was to invite stakeholders working with WASH solutions and healthcare in low- and middle-income countries, to discuss opportunities for sustainable healthcare and how healthcare can provide a platform for export of WASH infrastructure.

The event took place through a well proven concept that TEM (Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare) has conducted through many events previously. The presentations were conducted by a broad set of stakeholders to give a complete picture of the situation and get different views and understanding of the challenge.

Read the report below.

Research and innovation services for sustainable cities

Date:  8 October 2021

Time: 0900-1100

Place: Smart City Sweden, Online – Microsoft-Teams 

The event will be held in Swedish.

Aim: To increase Sweden’s exports in smart sustainable cities by introducing tools and methods for integrating research and innovation services, as part of the Swedish export offer.

Target group: Actors and employees in Swedish export promotion (incl. Platforms, authorities, Smart City Sweden’s partners and other export promotions actors)

Organized by: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Swedish Research Institute in collaboration with Smart City Sweden.

R&D services can be anything from the research, development and innovation conducted at universities and colleges to the commissioned research that exists at our research institutes and research companies as well as non-profit organizations, but also the test and demo environments (test and demo beds) that exist in the country including so-called ‘system demonstrators’. Test and demo environments can be offered both as a showcase for innovative sustainable products or services and can also be offered as R&I environments to international stakeholders to develop their products and services.

The event will focus on the following questions:

  • What do we mean by R&D services? (with actors such as academia, research institutes, authorities, business and civil society)
  • What are the differences and interfaces between offering R & D services and other goods and services?
  • Is it an export or a foreign investment?
  • Are there R&Ds that should not be exposed internationally?
  • What is the benefit of combining the promotion of R & D services with other goods and services?
  • How can Swedish tests and demo environments be integrated into Swedish promotion?
  • How are R&D collaborations generally created between need owners and R & D organizations?
  • Which Swedish test and demo environments exist today with international potential? How can these strengthen Swedish exports of goods and services as well as R&D services?
  • What tools and methods are available to match stakeholder needs with relevant ones R&D services?


Webinar: Swedish-Indian collaboration on Energy- and Climate Smart Healthcare

An International Webinar: Transforming Indian Health facilities to be “Climate-smart/Energy Efficient”

Date: 19th October 2021
Time: 11.00 – 13.00 (CET) or 14:30 – 16:30 (IST).
Mode: Zoom webinar

Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare and MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child have collaborated with sWASH&grow partner, TEM – Lund University, to catalyse the sustainable development agenda focusing on Climate Action, Clean Energy, and Environment and Health.

Sweden is a global leader in building low-carbon economy, and Swedish hospitals use the most innovative energy-efficient healthcare solutions. On that account, this international webinar aims to accelerate the knowledge-led dialogues between the thematic experts and administrative leaders. It is a platform to exchange experiences around the latest and most compatible energy-efficient solutions in healthcare set-ups. The myriad of information-sharing and knowledge-building sessions will benefit the Public/Private health institutions for a more strategic response for transformation and energy-efficient solutions.

The agenda outline and speaker introductions for the webinar will be shared at a later date. 

Matchmaking with Urban Tech Sweden

Date: Wednesday, 6 October at 14.00 – 16.00 CET

Do you work with international business in clean tech and sustainable cities? We invite your company to participate in concrete, funded projects, both nationally and internationally, via the export association, Urban Tech Sweden (UTS) which was initiated by Teknikföretagen in 2019.

UTS’s mission is to reduce the gap between investors, projects and technology and accelerate the transition to climate neutral cities and act as a project accelerator for the Swedish industry. UTS has one of the world’s largest portfolios of companies with urban solutions, a network of investors and organizations that can contribute to climate neutral cities. Read more below.

Matchmaking event

On October 6, a digital Matchmaking event will be held where innovations are sought for the following projects:

Eco-tourism at Manta resort on Pemba, an island north of Zanzibar, Tanzania, in East Africa. Sustainable solutions are sought for off-grid energy, storage, water purification and transport. UTS sees the project as a pilot for a Swedish-owned eco-tourist resort. But it is equally important in a second step to provide about 300,000 inhabitants with clean water, energy and functional waste management.

Deep Energy Retrofit in New York and Beyond. Hines, one of the world’s largest property developers, has together with Norges Bank Investment Management and Trinity Church Wall Street delivered a climate-smart property in the middle of New York at 555 Greenwich. The development of the property exceeds NYC’s climate goals for commercial buildings by 2030 by more than 45 percent and is in line with NYC’s carbon neutral goals for 2050. Hines is seeking partnerships with both product and service companies to scale up the restructuring of it´s portfolio and solutions for the real estate sector and network-related solutions. 

For more information on these projects, see the PDFs in the links above. If your company is interested in participating with possible innovative solutions at the Matchmaking event on October 6, please contact Josefin Danielsson

You can also participate in the event without presenting a technology.


14.00             Welcome to Urban Tech Sweden (UTS) – Matchmaking – Jörgen Lööf, ElectriCITY

14.10             UTS – Accelerate the transformation into climate smart cities – Ann-Sofi Gaverstedt, UTS

14.17             sWASH&grow – Scaling off-grid WASH solutions – Sten Stenbeck, RISE

14.24             UTS assignments for sWASH&grow – Business-model and financing

Jan Furuvald, Kapitalguiden

14.31             Eco-tourism at Manta – A pilot project for a Swedish-owned resort

Victoria Vazhinskaya, Novoheat

Matchmaking – Innovations for Eco-tourism at Manta

14.38             Drupps – Water production from the atmosphere

14.45             Stella Futura – Affordable Green Energy

14.52             Naturpooler – Pools with biological treatment

14.59             Swatab – Cleaning and washing without detergent

15.06             Wostman – Low-flushing toilets that saves up to 95% water

15.15             Deep Energy Retrofit in New York – Looking for Grid and Building related solutions

Michael Izzo, Head of Carbon Strategy, Hines

Matchmaking – Innovations for Deep Energy Retrofit in New York

15.22             Soltech – Integrated aesthetic solar cell-solutions for roofs and façades 

15.29             Ecoclime – Circular thermal energy systems and smart property automation

15.36             SaltX – Clean and sustainable energy storage in nanocoated salts

15.43             3eflow – A new way of using water

15.50             SweGreen – Integrating urban farming with buildings energy and ventilation systems

16.00             A new tool for a Business-model and financing – Niklas Schmidt, RISE

16.07             Lessons from the day – Ann-Sofi Gaverstedt, UTS

16.15             Thanks for attending!

WIN WIN Pitch & Match

Buildings of the future – water and energy solutions you should know about

Date:       16 September

Time:       9:00 – 11:30 (CEST)

Register by 12 September

Buildings play a major role in our lives and in society. We spend most of our time in them and we value them highly, as seen by yet new records in real estate prices. However we want our new buildings to be sustainable and become a place for circular living. We need to think centuries ahead. That is why we would like to present the latest sustainable technologies within the field of water and energy in buildings.

Questions to be discussed:

How can our future buildings become more energy efficient? 

How can we make solar energy an integrated part of ALL new buildings?

How can we save and reuse water in our buildings?

How can we reuse heat in waste water?  

How can we manage and use storm water in our buildings and around them?

If you have any questions or want to know more about membership in WIN please contact



  • Therese Jephson, REWAISEVA SYD/SWR
  • Martin Eldsmark, Kraftringen
  • Martin Johem, Ecoclime
  • Carl-Henrik Tibblin, Sunroof 
  • Representative from Swedish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Anna Rundgren / Xavier Leo, Brinja
  • Nils Rydén, PEAB
  • Bo Mattsson, Impulser
  • Finnur Sverrisson, Orbital Systems
  • Peter Kisch, FIRS & Future by Lund


  • Take the chance to meet with the presenting innovation companies and WIN in separate digital meeting rooms during the WIN Matchmaking session.

Business model for “Inclusive System Deliveries”

How is it possible to deliver innovative and sustainable system solutions where the end-user market players are included beneficiaries in the supply chain and the business? How do you share the business benefits with the local market?

sWASH&grow‘s project partner, S-Man Solutions AB which is part of the working group, Urban Tech Sweden is developing methods and models for scaling up, match-making and export. They have developed a Business Model for “Inclusive System Deliveries” that has been tested and will be tested further within the project. Watch the presentation of the draft business model below.

Presentation of the “Inclusive System Deliveries” Business Model developed by S-Man Solutions AB.

This work is in line with sWASH&grow’s objective to develop tools that improve the opportunities for innovators and aid organizations to bring more circular, inclusive and sustainable innovations to those in need.

The Urban Tech Sweden working group, which is part of the ElectriCITY network plans to organize workshops and match-making events every half year within the project where project results will be shared with stakeholders. They will also develop an online match-making module and do a feasibility study on how to increase the deliveries of off-grid WASH innovations to different markets. The above slideshow is a draft result so far.