Developing tools to enable innovators and aid organizations bring more circular, inclusive and sustainable innovations to those in need.


December 8, 2022

East Africa–Sweden Business portal for circular infrastructure, energy system, financing and growth

The East African–Swedish portal is designed to match and deliver the best-in-class technology, knowledge and financial...

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Partnering to grow – The role of partnerships and collaborations in business model scalability and growth

This report by Umeå University generates insights into the processes and determinants of the scaling up of the relief start-up...

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November 21, 2022

Development aid empowers communities to build resilience through off-grid innovation

Aid programs should support private-public-research collaboration to finance scaling of innovations needed to achieve the Global...

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sWASH&grow is developing tools that aim to improve the opportunities for innovators and aid organizations to bring more circular, inclusive and sustainable innovations to those in need.

sWASH&grow project objectives:


To improve the conditions for innovators (sellers) to meet the demands of relief organizations (buyers).


To enable innovations in the WASH sector to reach off-grid environments and vulnerable populations in humanitarian crises.


Test innovative sustainable solutions in collaboration with buyers and users; and design tools for development, scaling and export.

Test sites

The project test sites are displayed below. Click on a pin to learn more.

Project partners